Capstone Academy is a member of the international consulting group and its training methodology is fully based on international standards and best practices.


The company offers practical training and courses in finances and management to private and public sectors. Our trainers are distinguished by high professionalism and years of experience internationally and locally.


IFRS for Accountants and Auditors

Practical course of International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) is fully customized on different sized of companies. We offer Full IFRS, IFRS for SMEs and IFRS 9 training courses for beginner and experienced accountants and auditors.


The participants will learn standards based on practical cases. The modules differ from the type of organization and participant background.


Training is led by experienced and professional trainers that have been trained accordingly and are certified to conduct courses.

Trainees will be awarded a certificate after graduation.

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The training course aims to teach trainees how to legally use social media in business communication. 


The training combines a theoretical explanation of the educational materials and demonstration of their practical applicability with the help of mini-cases. Training schedule is defined due to the client’s requirements. 


Training is led by a Doctor of Law, who has conducted dozens of training and conferences on various legal issues, including the most active in the field of media law.


He has authored and co-authored about 50 academic papers and educational materials. In November 2019, he published a book “Social Media Law”.

Media Law

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Financial Modeling

Financial modelling course combines theoretical and practical learning and is largely focused on the study and use of various practical tools in financial analysis.


It teaches the correct presentation of financial indicators in business, the necessity and capability of financial analysis, forecasting and the introduction and use of the tools available in Excel.


Training is led by one of our team members – Giorgi Sakhokia