HR Services are conducted by Capstone Group’s partner company – Joblink that offers a full HR service to companies:

  • Recruitment;

  • HR Outsourcing;

  • Employee Survey.

Given the factors that the recruiting process can be hard and complex for companies and outsourcing of the specific function to an external party is cost-effective and more productive (result wise).


Services include:

  • Study the job environment and job description according to open vacancy;

  • Refine the work environment and / or description if necessary;

  • Detailing vacancy requirements : Job Experience, Education, Languages, Qualifications, Skills, etc.

  • Verification of Joblink Candidates Database;

  • Spreading word about the vacancy through various sources if necessary;

  • Shortlisting;

  • Interviewing selected candidates;

  • Verify the information provided by the candidates. In particular

    • Verification of the validity of education documents (diploma, certificate, etc.);

    • Verifying the authenticity of work experience;

    • If required by the vacancy requirements:

      • Language proficiency verification;

      • Verification of computer literacy;

      • Verification of specific qualification levels;

      • Verification of the authenticity of other requirements.

  • Organize and request employer meetings with selected candidates through interviews and verification. Attendance of our recruiter if necessary;

  • Provision of copies of verified documents;

  • Other measures.


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Joblink offers a full HR outsourcing service that covers all aspects related to proper motivation and professional growth of employees in the company, including:

  • Establishment of a human resources management unit within the company, and / or fully outsourcing of existing human resources department management;

  • Defining the organizational structure;

  • Development and implementation of company personnel policy;

  • Development and implementation of personnel reporting system;

  • Development and implementation of the principles of interconnection and interdependence between structural units;

  • Planning for the emergence of expected job openings in line with the company growth;

  • Closing/filling of current vacancies;

  • Determining the causes of staff out-flow;

  • Development and implementation of a plan to eliminate the cause of staff out-flow.

HR Outsourcing