Ricardo Semler is widely known as a catalyst of change for employee-empowered leadership. As the former CEO of Semco Partners for over 20 years, Ricardo transformed his organization to adopt innovative management practices to advance leadership and organizational effectiveness.


Under his mentorship, companies from a spectrum of industries have reshaped their companies to be more dynamic, innovative and people-centric. As a result, these organizations have created wiser companies evolving into more productive and happier workforces.

As the best-selling author of the classic Maverick and The Seven-Day Weekend, Semler advocates for leadership to rewrite their corporate narratives to be driven by values of trust, self-management and creativity.


Semler has reached thousands of international and corporate audiences through his guest lectures at MIT and Harvard and fostered a digital community of fans with his popular Ted Talk: How to Run a Company with (almost) no rules and commentary and video shorts on social media. Passionate about providing avenues of change for youth, Semler also spearheaded the Brazil-based Lumiar School which infuses radical corporate democracy into early education.

Ricardo Semler
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